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2024 Summer Camp

Note: Half-day camps can be combined as full-day camps from 8:30am-5pm.

  • Week 5 (08/05-08/09)


    08/05 to 08/09  5 half day Monday-Friday 1:00pm-4:00pm $250/camp Location: 16100 NW Cornell Road Suite 210 Room 1

    Science Olympiad Elementary Division - Grade 3-5

    This camp will introduce the Science Olympiad Division A events to students.

    This class will build up our young students’ curiosity and keen insight towards physical science and chemistry around our day to day life, the fundamental ability for the love of science.

    During this 5-days Camp, Students will go through the Science Olympiad events and complete several projects. Below are the sample projects we may work on:

    • Aerodynamics Aloft (How an airplane works)
    • Straw Tower (Build the tallest, most stable tower possible using drinking straws)
    • Operation Egg Drop (Pack and drop a raw egg from 2+ floors without breaking it)
    • Gunk (Chemistry: learn from experiments making the best glue)
    • Cool it (Heat transfer and insulation)
    • Building Bridges Event (Build a bridge using fixed amount of materials)

    Text book:
    Elementary Science Olympiad Club Lesson Plans
    Elementary Science Olympiad Rules Manual


    Instructor: Kyle Golden

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