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2024 Summer Camp

Note: Half-day camps can be combined as full-day camps from 8:30am-5pm.

  • Week 5 (08/05-08/09)

    08/05 to 08/09  5 Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm $250/camp Location: 16100 NW Cornell Road Suite 210 Room 2

    Literary reading skills are above basic reading skills (outline meaning) and key reading skills (summary scanning)  to the point where we are grasping complex texts in all their complexity during reading. It is reading between lines in order to discover levels of meaning and develop complex interpretations.

    In this class, students will:

    (1) Review Basic Reading (imagining, responding, skimming)

    (2) Learn Reflective Reading (selecting, scanning, tracking)

    (3) Learn Analytical Reading (Interpreting, analyzing)

    (4) Write a critical analysis style essay 

    (5) Build up vocabulary throughout reading

    (6) Form up their unique critical essay writing style with correct logical structure and grammar.

    In this one week camp, the instructor will lead students to read at least one book, plus shorter pieces or chapters from books in a variety of genres.  

    For essay writing, the first step of critical writing is to take notes on evidence, document quotes and paraphrases while reading. The purpose of  critical analysis is not merely to inform, but also to evaluate the worth, utility, excellence, distinction, truth, validity, beauty, or goodness of something from the books that students are reading. We will instruct students to write those notes down on a notebook.

    The second step of critical writing is to design a clear logical structure of an essay. Students need to design/plan their essay with clear logical flow before start writing critical essay.

    During the revising process, we will check the logical structure, information, interpretation, evaluation of the text, and eliminate grammar errors.

    Text Books (Free Rent from Sunshine Elite Education or student purchase) 
    (1) The Pearl By John Steinbeck
    (2) Animal Farm by George Orwell
    (3) A World of Ideas: Essential Readings for College Writers By Lee A. Jacobus, 9th Edition

    Class Plan:

    Discuss and practice critical reading strategies on the Pearl,  including active reading, pre-reading, turning headings or titles into questions, 20 questions after reading chapter 1, embracing confusion, note taking, double entries, ?nding the main ideas, author’s techniques, rhetorical strategies, evidence, underlying assumptions and biases, vocabulary in context, mapping, making inferences, second draft reading, soaps (subject, occasion, audience, purpose, speaker), paying attention to diction (contrast 2 articles), logos, ethos and pathos, re?ecting on what it means to the student’s life and society at large (circles of re?ection), paraphrasing, what does it not say, statistics, why does it matter, evaluation

    A World of Ideas: p. 1: Evaluating Ideas: An Introduction to Critical Reading Example/Practice: Machiavelli/Frederick Douglass Homework: Read civil disobedience and map it

    Discuss Civil Disobedience and The Pearl practicing critical reading
    Discuss Critical Analysis Paper
    Read Animal Farm.  Pick a topic and ?nd 3 quotes and thesis statement

    Discuss Animal Farm practicing critical reading
    Discuss crediting sources and analyzing quotes within paragraphs
    Model Essay Work on Drafts
    Draft 1 Critical Essay

    Work on Critical Essay Drafts in Class
    Read additional Essays from "A World of Ideas" : James Madison, de Tocqueville
    Final Drafts Due
    Read Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Read Essays from "A World of Ideas" of authors
    Hannah Arendt, Friedrich Nietzsche, Virginia Woolf

    Instructor: Kimberly Bartels

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