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2024 Winter/Spring Class

  • 01/26 to 06/07  20 Classes Friday 4:00pm-5:30pm $615/term No class on Mar. 29Location: 16100 NW Cornell Road Suite 210 Room 7 See prorated tuition in shopping cart.

    This is the CogAt test preparation class for 5th-grade students to qualify for the middle school SUMMA program. The 3rd & 5th graders will go to take the CogAt test at school in Fall,  A student in K-3rd grade who scores with 99 percentile at CogAt will qualify for the TAG program in Elementary school. A student in 4th-6th grade who scores with 99 percentile at CogAt will qualify for the SUMMA program in Middle School.

    The purpose of this class is to let students learn the test skills and get ready for the tests. The long term benefit of this class is to help students improve the cognitive and reasoning abilities by learning logical and creative thinking behind the materials, which are critical for their future success.

    The first 5-week of the class will focus more on the 3 screening sections: Verbal Analogies, Figure Matrices, and Number Analogies. And then we will have a few more sessions to focus on the other 6 sections for students who are invited to take the full-lenght CogAt tests.

    The CogAt screening test will be given to all 5th graders in BSD schools at the end of October or the beginning of November each year.

    Students who get 97% or plus in the screening test will be invited to take the full test later in the Fall term. Students who get 99% in the full test will qualify for the SUMMA program in Middle schools. 

    Sunshine will provide all testing materials for students to practice with. We use the online practice test with instant scoring and report along with the classes. All online practice test reports are saved in your Sunshine account and you may check your child's performance via the "Assessment Tests" link in your account. 

    Instructor: Sheyla Dorantes ;  Curran Gregory;  Shilpa Sharma

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