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2024 Summer Class

  • 07/14 to 08/18  6 Classes Sunday 3:30pm-5:00pm $285/term Location: Online15

     Who can take this course?

      People who want to gain a better understanding of cybersecurity

    Why learn

    Cyber Security is one of the most cutting-edge professional fields, and it is constantly evolving. This course will provide a wide overview of Cyber Security concepts and practices as well as a broad overview of security more generally. The approach is largely technical and will address important notions of security and best practices. The purpose of an intrusion can be to change or delete resources (data, programs, hardware, etc), to get unauthorized access to confidential information or unauthorized use of the system's services. These courses cover threats and vulnerabilities as well as rules, methods, and mechanisms for protection.


    There is no pre-requisite to take this course aside from having basic computer skills.  Knowledge of operating systems (Linux and Windows) fundamentals helps to accelerate the process but is not mandatory. We will go over aspects of these fundamentals when necessary. Having basic programming experience also helps, but is not mandatory as we will build upon principles from the start.

    What you will be able to get out of the course 

    • Perform penetration testing on computers, networks, wireless, web apps and secure computers and networks by exposing vulnerabilities and patching them.
    • Discover and explore what a modern penetration tester does.
    • Penetrate and Exploit even highly secured environments
    • Effectively execute modern attack techniques
    • Use commercial / open-source penetration testing tools to efficiently assess traditional and non-traditional networks
    • Do not need to code, Hack from real-world tools, scripts on your own.
    • Develop strategies for communicating risk that impacts an organization's security posture
    • Ethical hacking and penetration testing
    • Cybersecurity tools and techniques

    We will customize the contents based on the needs of the students. At the very high level here are topics covered at Beginners Cyber Security (20 – 30 hours of training)

    Overview of Operating System and fundamentals - Fundamentals of Operating system 

    Forensic Science Fundamentals

    Operating System Boot Process; BIOS/CMOS; File Systems

    Website Basics

    Discovering Websites on the Same Server; Discovering Subdomains, Sensitive Files 

    Information Gathering

    Gathering Information Using various tools; Gathering Comprehensive DNS Information; Analyzing Discovered Files 

    Instructor: Jeffrey Chan

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