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2024 Summer Class

  • 07/09 to 08/15  12 Classes Tuesday,Thursday 4:30pm-6:00pm $465/term Location: Online20

    This is an English reading and vocabulary enhancement class for students who are going to enter 6th grade in the coming Fall term.

    This is a direct, systematic, and highly interactive reading comprehension program that teaches students practical strategies to build their reading comprehension while bolstering their vocabulary and academic acumen. The course aligns with the ITBS Reading & SSAT tests which will be used to measure the students’ achievement.

    In this course, we will use the Wordroots Level II to boost students' vocabulary. A knowledge of Greek and Latin roots will not only help you remember the meanings of the words you are learning in class but will help you guess at the meanings of new words that you run into elsewhere. This is the most powerful way to continue expanding your vocabulary in the future.

    Word Roots Level II (Creative Thinking Co.)
    Make Connections 6
    Reading Information Text Message 6

    Instructor: Tami Bake

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