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2024 Summer Class

  • 07/08 to 08/12  6 Classes Monday 4:00pm-6:00pm $315/term Location: Online1

    This class is for students who are going to enter the 6/7th grade in the coming Fall term. The class will introduce writing skills they will learn in the Writing Level 6/7 and get students ready for the new school year.

    The class is a refined skill-based guided writing - bridge to level 6/7 class that is taught in a different way: Strength-Focused By Jennifer Rose. Here is the presentation video for the teacher:

    it will inspire your ideas and empower you with the tools to refine your writing and make it audience ready. Each 90-minute class will have three sections: ideas, revision skills, and conventions. You will be supported all the way with the best revision techniques from Education Northwest's 6 traits approach, and the best instruction in conventions from Sadlier's Grammar Workshop textbook series. You will feel encouraged and confident to take your favorite ideas to an audience.

    We will use the website for inspiration, submit writing for publication, and if all goes as planned, we will do some publishing of our own. 

    Grammar for Middle School

    Note: Books in PDF will be uploaded to the students' class page before the term starts. 

    Instructor: Jennifer Rose

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