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2024 Summer Class

  • 07/09 to 08/15  12 Classes Tuesday,Thursday 9:00am-10:25am $465/term Location: Online16

    Course Objective: This is the stem Physics class for rising high school students who want to learn stem Physics ahead. We will finish the first 3 units in the book. Students who finish this course will be prepared to take the stem Physics class with ease in their high school.

    The course content will focus on Introduction to Vectors, Equilibrium/Linear Motion, Newton's Laws of Motion, Momentum and Energy, Circular Motion, and Universal Gravity.

    The class is based on an interactive lecture, supplemented with simulations, and problem solving.

    Prerequisite: Algebra 1 or AGS 1

    Text Books: (Free rental from Sunshine library)

    Conceptual Physics Book Cover

    The PDF file of the textbook will be loaded to the class page before the term starts.

    Instructor: Christopher Dupuis

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