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2024 Winter/Spring Class

  • 04/09 to 05/02  8 Classes Tuesday, Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm $240/term Location: Online19

    This course is designed to help students review AGS I in preparation for the middle school math placement test in May. It's especially beneficial for those aiming to enter the AGS 2 class in the upcoming school year. Mr. Connor Nelson, the former math teacher in the BSD Summa program, will be leading the class. With his extensive knowledge of the AGS I curriculum and the placement test, students can expect expert guidance for the test in this short term class.

    This is a review class for AGS I. We will review all modules in AGS I Module 1-9 as shown below. The class will review the concepts and skills in each module and then use the module assessment tests to practice and find out the weakness of students to work on.

    We will also enhance the AGS 1 curriculum by making up the gaps and  teaching the "Factoring" skills which is missed in AGS curriculum.

    Who will benefit from this class?

    • Students who want to skip AGS I and be qualified to take the AGS II course in the new school year
    • Students who want to solidify/enhance their AGS I skills and therefore be more prepared to learn AGS II and be more successful in the future PSAT/SAT/ACT math tests.

    1. AGS 1 Notes:
    2. AGS 1 online module tests
    3. Holt Algebra 1 & Geometry online tests

    Note: The Holt Algebra 1 & Geometry books will be uploaded to the class page before the term starts.

    AGS I  Contents in Algebra I/Geometry
    Module 1: Sequences Chapter 1-6 in Algebra I
    Module 2: Linear & Exponential Functions
    Module 3: Features of Functions
    Module 4: Equations & Inequalities
    Module 5: Systems of Equations & Inequalities
    Module 6: Transformations & Symmetry Chapter 1 & 4 in Geometry
    Module 7: Congruence, Construction & Proof
    Module 8: Connecting Algebra & Geometry
    Module 9: Modeling Data Statistics in PreAlgebra and Algebra I


    Instructor: Connor Nelson

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