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2024 Summer Class

  • 07/12 to 08/16  6 Classes Friday 4:30pm-6:00pm $285/term Location: Online7

    This class will improve students, who have experience with python, problem-solving skills, logic, mathematics, programming sense, confidence, and speaking skills. In this class, we will solve a lot of problems together and make sure students will be able to present their ideas (logic), discuss with their classmates, and work with classmates. All those skills we will work on are in favor of the students not just learning how to code but also how to network with other classmates and communicate their ideas.

    This class will extensively work on list, for loops, while loops, if else else if statements, strings, object oriented programming and manipulating data structures. Albeit it looks like there are only a few topics, in the research industry, that’s 70% of what researchers do with Python, specifically in machine learning or artificial intelligent field. Building a rock-solid foundation from those basic data structures and logic, students will be in a better position for their futures because most of the jobs that are related to the STEM major will require some sort of programming experience.

    The expected outcome of this class:
    Students will have a solid foundation for ACSL and USACO bronze to silver. This algorithms and problem solving with Python is the equivalent class as Data Structure and Algorithms – USACO Bronze to Silver.

    Before committing to USACO Algorithms – Silver to Gold, those who are interested in Data Structure and Algorithms – USACO Bronze to Silver should consider taking this class.

    We highly suggested students take this class and Intro to C++ together because USACO Silver to Gold will be using C++ instead of python. So once you finish both classes for Fall, you are solid and ready for the USACO Algorithm - Silver to Gold in Winter/Spring term.

    Instructor: Peng Lin

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