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2024 Winter/Spring Class

  • 11/11 to 04/20  4 ACSL Annual Contest Saturday 8:15am-9:00am $60/4 tests  in the year of 2023-2024; Test dates are Nov 11, Jan 20, Mar 9 and Apr 20Location: Online13

    American Computer Science League (, ACSL organizes computer science contests and computer programming contests for elementary, junior, and senior high school students. 

    The ACSL Senior Division contest is the best for middle/high school students with programming experience, expecially those already taking and being good at ACSL Junior contests. ACSL Senior Division has 4 contests in a year. The contests scheduled for the 2023-2024 year at Sunshine Elite are as follows:

        Contest #1: Number Systems on Saturday 8:15am-9am, November 11, 2023
        Contest #2: Prefix/Infix/PostFix Notation on Saturday 8:15am-9am, Jan 20, 2024
        Contest #3: Boolean Algebra on Saturday 8:15am-9am,  Mar 9, 2024
        Contest #4: Graph Theory on Saturday 8:15-9am, Apr 20, 2024 

    Note: All tests are proctoring virtual online by Sunshine Elite in the year of 2023-2024. Students who passed the cut-off score of all 4 contests will receive ACSL Final contest invitation emailed from May 1 through May 16, 2024. The ACSL Final Contests are scheduled on May 25, 2024, proctoring virtual online by ACSL.

    Each contest consists of an online 30-minute, 5-question short answer test and an online programming problem to solve in 72 hours. The Short Problems topics are the same in the Intermediate and Senior Divisions. The Senior Division problems are more challenging than those in the Intermediate Division. Below are the topics for each contest and the study material links:

    Contest 1  

    Computer Number Systems   
    Recursive Functions 
    What Does This Program Do?

    Contest 2 

    Prefix/Infix/Postfix Notation   
    Bit-String Flicking  

    Contest 3  

    Boolean Algebra   
    Data Structures  
    FSAs and Regular Expressions

    Contest 4  

    Graph Theory   
    Digital Electronics   
    Assembly Language

    You may check the ACSL website for the study material and the test samples here:

    Sunshine Elite also has the ACSL training classes to help students prepare for the contests which is aligning with the contest dates and topics. If you have questions or concerns about the contest, please contact Shilpa Sharma by Email:

    Instructor: Shilpa Sharma

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